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LOTTE KONOW LUND - Hold everything dear

A book about the Norwegian artist Lotte Konow Lund.
This book is released ion the occasion of the mid-career exhibition (Sept. 2016) will shed light on the socially and politically engaged practice of Norwegian artist Lotte Konow Lund (b.1967). The focus will be on her production of drawings, as central to her thinking, including the Bredtveit project, a long term collaboration with the inmates of a local women's prison, whom she teaches drawing. Together they explore concepts such as freedom, belonging, home, and power. Authors: Marit Paasche and Wendy Vogel.


Authors: Marit Paasche and Wendy Vogel

Foreword. Tone Hansen

Editor and curator: Milena Høgsberg

Graphic design: Jeanne Betak

Publishing editor: Inger Schjoldager


ISBN: 9788293140474

Price: 299 NOK (32 EURO)

September 2016