tre_reiser_omslag.jpgTre reiser - Tre landskap

H.M. Queen Sonja

Kjell Nupen

Ørnulf Opdahl


Karin Hellandsjø



Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway has a degree in art history, but she has also for years been practising different skills within crafts and visual arts. She has been working with glass and jewellery, and over the past decades she has first taken lessons and cooperated with the painter  Ørnulf Opdahl, and later with him and Kjell Nupen in a project that ended with her professional debut in graphic art. The book documents the Queen’s working period before the debut, and income from both the exhibition and the book are to the benefit of “The Queen Sonja Art Award”.


ISBN: 978-82-93140-10-8

Price: NOK 345,- Euro: 46,-