Karin Hellandsjø

Translation: John Irons

ISBN: 9788293140405

Price: NOK 449,- EURO 42,-

Kurt Schwitters was in the early 1930s considered entartet by Hitler. He lived in exile in Norway , a country he had visited as a tourist several times . He stayed until the Germans invaded Norway in 1940. He lived in Lysaker and during the summers on Hjertøya outside Molde. Here he built his Merz - huts and worked with collages and assemblages . Karin Hellandsjø has done research for many years on this unique artist's life and work in Norway . The book also presents several of Schwitters texts , some of which have never been published. The book is richly illustrated .


Editor: Inger Schjoldager

Graphic design: Christine S. Sunde