Nansens siste kjærlighet

From the preface by Per Egil Hegge: “It is no exaggeration to say that these love letters from Fridtjof Nansen to Brenda Ueland make for compelling reading. Nansen’s fiery confessions of his great love for Ueland would have been considered semi-pornographic only half a century ago. But, because the letters are so earnest, so intense and so beautifully written, it is more appropriate to classify them as literature – a true love song…” It belongs to this unusual and never published story, that Nansen sent pictures of himself naked to Brenda. They are also published in the book for the first time.

ISBN: 978-82-93140-04-7

Price: NOK 329,-

Published: 2011

Binding: Hardcover

Graphic designer: Christine Sunde

Measures: 134 x 212

Pages: 216